​“Italian Cookies For All Occasions”       

 At Biscotti’s Galore and More, we take pride in putting a professional touch in presenting a delicious tray of Italian Cookies, making you proud to display a variety of specialty cookies for the entire office to enjoy. Our goal is to create a product that maintains a professional atmosphere.
   Allow us to become part of all your corporate occasions, from everyday meetings to special events. For that gift giving time, we specialize in corporate gifts, and for that time of showing appreciation, we offer our special "Thank You Trays."

   Be confident knowing your quality company has a quality product it can rely on with our complete professional touch in every one of your arrangements. So join us in this 
“New Corporate Tradition.”

Italian Cookies By The Tray

For All Corporate Occasions



*Office Parties

*Holiday Parties

*Corporate Gifts

For all Personal Occasions as well

Plan Ahead

Major Credit Cards Accepted

Fedex/Delivery Available

Chicago, IL 60616

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​Biscotti’s Galore and More, Inc.